It’s time for a fresh perspective on general insurance actuarial education.

The most up-to-date information and methodologies. Advanced technical and communication skills training. Exclusive e-learning modules. With a unique take on general insurance (property-casualty) education, our curriculum empowers actuaries to drive better business decisions amid volatile events and fast-changing markets.

The SOA Difference

A Candidate's Perspective

See recent and current General Insurance FSA candidates talk about their experience with the General Insurance track to Fellowship from the SOA.

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WATCH Taylor Maas, ASA, MAAA, on Choosing the General Insurance track to Fellowship

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WATCH Kai Huang, FSA, CERA, on a Global Opportunity in General Insurance

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WATCH Taylor Maas, ASA, MAAA, on the Value of Predictive Analytics in Actuarial Practice

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WATCH Gennady Stolyarov II, ASA, ACAS, MAAA, CPCU, ARe, ARC, API, AIS, AIE, AIAF, on the path to Fellowship with the SOA

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WATCH Taylor Maas, ASA, MAAA, on the Path to Becoming an Elite Problem Solver

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WATCH Taylor Maas, ASA, MAAA, on Being an Actuary in a Non-Traditional Setting


Benefit from well-rounded actuaries educated in the latest property-casualty trends and actuarial practices who can help drive better decisions across your business.

SOA actuaries in general insurance offer:

  • In-depth understanding of the range of global actuarial practice and familiarity with the interconnected nature of risk
  • Practical experience from case studies and e-learning modules that can be immediately applied toward the success of an organization
  • Extensive education and training in the most up-to-date topics, methods and best practices in actuarial analysis
  • Ability to tackle a wide range of global challenges faced by insurers and consulting firms, including climate change, insurability of terrorism losses, development of catastrophe models and more
  • Skill with actuarial methodologies on a broad international basis
  • Predictive analytics skills cultivated at the associate level that make them immediate assets for your organization, able to tackle the challenges of big data and beyond


Enjoy access to a growing global community of risk management professionals and exclusive benefits.

Why the SOA General Insurance track is right for you:

  • Common core exams that lead to multiple specializations, allowing candidates more time to make practice area decisions
  • Practical e-learning modules—unique to the SOA—that give candidates practical, hands-on experience
  • Rigorous education that creates well-rounded professionals with exposure across multiple disciplines
  • Access to the largest professional actuarial network in the world, with more than 31,000 risk management professionals in 84 countries
  • Wealth of support resources, including Candidate Connect events and e-newsletter, as well as exam and career resources
  • Career-long continuing education, professional development programs and volunteer opportunities to sharpen professional and leadership skills
  • Global recognition and respect of credentials by employers around the world, giving candidates the ability to work anywhere
  • Innovative research on a wide range of topics that inform and guide business, policy and society
  • Ability to play a critical role in business and society
  • Builds upon our robust associate-level curriculum, which we recently enhanced to create a greater focus on predictive analytics and modeling, and a better balance between short- and long-term insurance


Learn more about the SOA General Insurance track to Fellowship.

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Read our frequently asked questions about the General Insurance track to Fellowship from the SOA.


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